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Product delivery

Apr. 15, 2022

Product delivery


In April, 2022, the COVID-19 came with great momentum. The epidemic was an order, and prevention and control was a responsibility. In the face of the spread of the epidemic, Shandong best intelligent equipment Co., Ltd. attaches great importance to the epidemic prevention and control, actively organizes, carefully deploys and acts quickly, minimizes the risk of the epidemic through all-round control, and sincerely guards the physical and mental health of employees.

For epidemic prevention measures, the company respond immediately and strengthen overall deployment. Under the overall arrangement of the company's leaders, our Shantou company comprehensively arranged the prevention and control work, quickly implemented the prevention and control measures, and achieved sufficient preparation, orderly action and strong implementation. As the outbreak began to show signs, Shandong best intelligent equipment company timely detected the risk of the epidemic, prepared and arranged the prevention and control work in advance, and purchased a large number of prevention and control materials first, so as to provide a strong foundation for epidemic prevention and control. When the epidemic situation improved, the employees of the company quickly adjusted their mentality, actively prepared the plan to delay the delivery of equipment due to the impact of the epidemic situation, and became an expert in racing against time. They compressed and re-compressed the delivery time and what they could, and delivered the goods with quality and quantity to the customers on schedule.

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