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  • BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

  • BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

  • BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

  • BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

  • BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

  • BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

The super large format working area is suitable for a variety of cutting scenes. The increase of cutting format greatly improves the efficiency of plate cutting, widens the application field of laser cutting machine, conducive to the integrity of plate processing

Product Description

BF13025 metal sheet laser cutting machine is an ultra-large-format metal laser cutting machine. The metal sheet bevel laser cutting machine breaks through the conventional 0° straight line segment and realizes the maximum 45° bevel cutting on the plane.


Product Features

1. The super large format working area is suitable for a variety of cutting scenes. The increase in cutting format greatly improves the efficiency of plate cutting, widens the application field of laser cutting machine, conducive to the integrity of plate processing, reduces the frequency of plate welding and assembly in the later stage, reduces the error rate of products, and improves the accuracy and beauty of processed products.


2. Safety light barrier is added to ensure production safety, low-power design, strong resistance to light and electromagnetic interference; SMD patch design, a variety of seismic measures, good seismic resistance and high stability; The original imported brand electronic components have stable performance and long service life. The double circuit protection circuit is designed for safety self-inspection, which can be used for long-distance area protection and multi-faceted area protection; The photoelectric safety device generates a protective light curtain by emitting infrared rays. When the light curtain is blocked, the device sends a light shielding signal to control the potentially dangerous mechanical equipment to stop working and avoid safety accidents.


3. Dual-channel grid intelligent partition dust removal, intelligent control of dust removal function and greatly improved dust removal effect. It works in real-time according to the cutting working area. Partition dust removal is conducive to the form of an effective negative pressure area. The negative pressure area is more concentrated and the dust removal effect is better. The dust removal area changes synchronously according to the change in the cutting area. The equipment achieves the effect of "one plus one excellence", that is, the dust removal effect is better when the width is increased.


4. The transmission system adopts internationally famous brands, with stable transmission, fast speed and high positioning accuracy. It has the advantages of stable operation, low noise, shock absorption and buffer, compact center distance, small shape, constant transmission ratio, a wide selection range of circumferential speed and power, accurate transmission, high efficiency, compact structure, reliable operation and long service life. The instantaneous transmission ratio is constant and the transmission ratio range is large, which can be used for deceleration or speed increase. The range of speed (refers to the speed around the pitch circle) and power transmission is large, which can be used for high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed transmission; Wide range of power applicability, high transmission efficiency, and suitable for short-range transmission.


5. Add an obstacle avoidance system and automatic edge patrol system to improve cutting effect and efficiency. The obstacle avoidance system can reduce the collision between the plate and the laser head in case of sudden accidents in the cutting state to avoid damage to the laser head. The application of automatic edge finding technology in the laser cutting machine can well solve the problem of low material utilization rate in the processing of large format and medium-thick metal plates, save the time of calibrating the plate, effectively improve the production efficiency and bring objective benefits to users, Improve market competitiveness.


6. The cutting process is newly upgraded with a higher yield and constant innovation and development. Relying on the market demand, in order to adapt to a more diversified processing environment and the processing needs of customers, a series of complete plate processing solutions have been gradually formed. The optical fiber laser cutting machines with different power and processing format can operate efficiently and stably in the sheet metal industry, with high quality and strong practicability. After the workpiece is cut and formed, it can be processed directly with downstream products.


7. Hollow module machine bed, easy and fast disassembly and assembly


8. Automatic focus laser head. The focus can be adjusted automatically. It is suitable for a variety of focal lengths without manual operation. It is convenient, fast and accurate. Can quickly change the focus lens with different focal lengths to meet the cutting requirement of plates with different thicknesses. All-around water cooling can realize high-power, small volume and long-term cutting without heating and fog. It has main features:

(1) The focus can be adjusted automatically, which is suitable for a variety of focal lengths;

(2) Automatic focusing function, capacitive sensing and automatic follow-up system;

(3) Composite lens and built-in water cooling structure are adopted;

(4) Double water cooling constant temperature guarantee of collimating and focusing components;

(5) Drawer type mirror base is adopted to replace the protective lens quickly;

(6) Smooth and efficient airflow design;

(7) Adaptive fiber laser;

(8) Short and long focal lengths are universal, which can achieve the best cutting effect of the thin or thick plate;

(9) All of them are equipped with a collimation protection lens, which can better protect collimation lens;

(10) The circumferential position of QBH is adjustable to ensure that the red dot of each QBH faces outward to facilitate the plugging of the optical fiber head, the focus position can be seen in the window to ensure that the input focus is accurate and consistent with the output focus.


9. Steel mold cast aluminum beam, adopts steel high-pressure cast aluminum beam, which has the main characteristics:

1). High precision. After artificial aging, solution treatment and finishing, the beam has good integrity, rigidity, toughness and ductility.

2). Fast. Aluminum alloy has the metal characteristics of lightweight and strong rigidity, which is conducive to high-speed movement in the processing process, and high flexibility is conducive to the high-speed cutting of various graphics on the basis of high precision.

3). High efficiency. The light beam can ensure the rapid operation of the equipment, improve the processing efficiency and ensure the processing quality at the same time. An aluminum beam can not only ensure the high-speed operation of a laser cutting machine but also ensure the accuracy and efficiency of cutting.

If you want to ensure the service life and accuracy of a large-scale (equal or larger than 4020) laser cutting machine, the aluminum beam is undoubtedly a good choice, which can not only reduce time cost and time loss. Moreover, after the same service life, the aluminum beam can ensure cutting accuracy and alleviate the kinetic energy brought by the high-speed movement of the laser head.



STORM Series






Cutting range





Mechanical positioning accuracy


Mechanical repeated positioning accuracy


Maximum acceleration


Maximum positioning speed


Laser power


Other dimensions can be customized


Key Parts:

BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

HIWIN guide rail


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Shimpo reducer

Auto focus laser head

BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

MAX laser resource (IPG / raycus / JPT options)

The fourth-generation steel mold high-pressure cast aluminum beam


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

The whole equipment bed adopts a split bedroom design, improves the overall stiffness, enhances the local strength and strengthens the contact stiffness

The more reasonable structural layout


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

The schematic diagram shows the partition dust removal


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine


Customer site


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine



BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Customer site visit, stable after-sales guarantee


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Strong processing strength and reliable quality assurance


BF13025 Metal Sheet Laser Cutting Machine

Cut sample


Precautions for laser cutting machine maintenance

Maintenance period

Maintenance contents

Maintenance contents

Every day

1. Check whether the temperature setting of the chiller is normal (the set temperature is 20 ± 1 ℃) ;

Ensure that the temperature of the cooling water supplied to the laser is normal

2. Check whether the water seal, water temperature and water pressure of the chiller meet the requirements;

Ensure the normal operation of the equipment and prevent water leakage

3. Ensure that the working environment of the chiller is dry, clean and ventilated;

It is conducive to the good operation of the chiller


1. Use neutral detergent or high-quality soap to remove the dirt on the surface of the chiller. Do not use benzene, acid, grinding powder, steel brush, hot water, etc;

Ensure that the surface of the chiller is clean

2. Check whether the condenser is blocked by dirt. Please remove it with compressed air or brush to ensure that the surface of the chiller is clean;

Ensure the normal operation of the condenser

3. Clean the air filter screen:

a. Open the panel of the assembled air filter, pull up the air filter screen of the unit and draw it out;

b. The dust on the filter screen can be removed by vacuum cleaner, air spray gun and brush. After cleaning, if the filter screen is wet, shake it to dry and then replace it.

c. Cleaning cycle: once every two weeks. If the dirt is serious, please clean it irregularly.

Prevent poor cooling caused by poor heat dissipation and burning out the water pump and compressor

4. Check the water quality of the water tank and follow up;

Good water quality can ensure the normal operation of the laser

5. Check whether there is water leakage in the water cooler pipeline ;

Ensure that there is no water leakage in the chiller


1. Check the electrical components (such as switches, terminals, etc.) and wipe them clean with a dry cloth;

Ensure that the surface of the electrical parts of the chiller is clean and prolong the service life

2. Replace the circulating water (distilled water) and clean the water tank and metal filter screen;

If equipped with ROFIN laser resources, the cooling water can be replaced once every six months after adding an anti-corrosion inhibitor. If equipped with PRC laser resources, the cooling water can be replaced once every six months after adding propylene glycol;

Ensure that the laser operates normally



a. Place the chiller and water pipe away from dust.

b. Pull the power cord away from the socket and wipe the power cord clean;

c. Cleaning the unit body. when cleaning the inside of the unit, do not let water splash on electronic parts;

d. Completely drain the water from the laser resource, cutting head and water cooler.



Common problems and solutions of laser cutting machine

1. The laser cutting head does not emit light

a) Check whether the water circulates normally and let the water circulate normally. If the water protection is broken, please use short-circuit water protection;

b) Click preset to see whether the ammeter swings. If not, use a multimeter to measure whether the laser power supply is 220V. If yes, the power supply may be faulty and needs to be replaced;

c) GND ground wire and P water protection nipple on the power supply can also be used to test whether the water protection is broken. Short circuit + 5V and AIN to check the output high power. If the light comes, the potentiometer is broken and needs to be replaced:

d) If there is no light in the program, the connected card can use a multi-meter to measure whether there is a DC voltage of more than 3V between corner 15 (H) or 16 (L) and corner 14. If yes, it indicates that the card is normal and otherwise there is a possible problem with the signal of the card;

e) If there is a noise in the laser power supply, generally the power connector is in poor contact. Re weld or connect it, and then blow the dust in the power supply;


2. Abnormal phenomena such as random walking or stopping of the machine

a) Generally, it is caused by the interference of static electricity on the control card. Recommend that the customer connect a reliable ground wire on the shell and the shell of the laser power supply;

b) When the offline card is working, it is recommended to unplug the USB cable connected to the computer to avoid interference and shutdown;


3. The cut figure size is inaccurate

a) Adjust the software file settings. The pulse equivalent in the workbench is generally 6400 pulses per movement of 32. According to different machines, 32 can be increased or decreased, and fine adjustments can be made to achieve good cutting accuracy;


4. The sound of jamming occurs when the laser cutting head moves

a) Check whether the bearing beads in the synchronous wheel are broken and need to be replaced;

b) If the camera is used for automatic cutting, the camera data signal line may be broken in the middle during the identification process of the laser engraving, which needs to be replaced;

c) Check whether the motor shaft is broken and needs to be replaced;


5. The machine does not move or the size of the cut figure changes irregularly

a) Start up and check whether the driver and motor are powered on (if yes the driver cannot be pushed by hand). The green light is on when the driver works normally. If the track of the motor can be pushed after power is on, the motor shaft may be broken and the motor needs to be replaced;

b) The power supply for the drive is generally DC 24V to DC 60V. Use a multimeter to check whether the switching power supply is normal. If not, it needs to be replaced;


6. The laser cutting head can’t be cut off completely, or inaccurate and out of position

a) The power of the laser tube is weak and needs to be replaced;

b) The film on the focus lens and reflecting lens is worn or contaminated, and it needs to be cleaned or replaced with anhydrous alcohol;

c) If the light is offset and not correct, first adjust the light from the laser tube to the reflector lens, and then adjust the light reflected the focus lens to ensure that it is preset at the upper left, lower left, upper right, lower right and middle points of the platform, and the light is emitted from the laser nozzle hole;

d) The worktable is not flat, and allowance shall be less than 2-3mm. The thicker the material is cut, the higher it requires. Adjust or replace it;

e) The screw on the running synchronous wheel may be loose, or the belt may be loose. Tighten it with the hexagon socket;

f) The reason why the sawtooth is cut out or the light is always adjusted incorrectly is that a lens is loose, tighten it before adjustment or use;



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