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How to Choose the Best Laser Cleaning Machine?

Sep. 14, 2022

There are different laser cleaning machines with different power levels available. The choice of laser power depends on the material you want to clean and the amount of rust or dirt on the surface of the material.


In addition, when deciding on the best laser cleaning machine for your business, you have a choice of machine size, portability and price. When choosing a laser descaling machine look for the following.


Laser power

Laser cleaners are typically available in 3 power categories. Although the exact specifications vary from machine to machine, the power categories will give you a general idea of the best machine for your requirements. As the power increases, the speed and amount of rust removal increases.


Low power cleaners

Low power laser cleaners range from 20W to 100W laser power. This type of power is ideal for light rust removal where speed is not very important. It is also ideal if you have a relatively small setup and the batch size is not very large.

ZJ-CL Laser Cleaning Machine

ZJ-CL Laser Cleaning Machine

Another benefit of using a low-power laser cleaner is the reduced cost of the machine. So if you want to keep your outlay low, then this is the ideal machine for you.


Medium power options

Medium power laser cleaners are typically available in the power range of 200W to 300W. These machines are ideal for removing medium levels of rust/grease from materials. However, an important point to note is that due to the higher power of the laser, it generates more heat.


Therefore, an effective laser cooling mechanism is required. You will need to check with your supplier/manufacturer about the cooling mechanism used for the cleaning operation. If the cooling mechanism is not effective, then your machine and product will suffer.


High-power laser cleaners

High-power laser cleaners are used for the treatment of absolutely heavy metals. These machines are available in 350W, 500W, 1000W and in some cases even up to 2000W.


However, due to the increased power, these machines are very expensive. Therefore, you should only choose these machines if you have large production/maintenance units working with heavy metals.

ZJ-CL Laser Cleaning Machine

ZJ-CL Laser Cleaning Machine


Another category you need to check is the mobility of the machine. There are 3 main types of configuration for laser descaling agents.



Many laser cleaning are available in portable form. These portable handheld laser cleaning machines weigh no more than a few kilograms (about 15 kg) and are small enough to fit in a suitcase. This type of machine is ideal for cleaning items away from the production/maintenance line.


Machine Fix

Machine fixing systems are ideal for conveyorised maintenance/repair functions. This is where the product moves on the belt and fixing the machine is cleaning a specific part of the machine.


The fixing system provides great stability for the cleaning of parts and keeps the laser cleaner stable. As a result, it produces accurate results and cleans efficiently.


Cabinet systems

Cabinet systems or such machines are designed for maximum protection of the person operating the machine. These machines have enclosures in which you can place the material to be cleaned and you can then operate the laser remotely to clean the equipment.

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